Devolina Dey

Devolina is a Delhi/NCR based fine art enthusiast. She has completed her Masters and pursued her passion in the segment of fine art parallely. Devolina has been instrumental in setting up various forms of fine art paintings through her vivid sense of imagination. Her passion has driven her to take fine art to the next level. In her current body of work, she plays with pencils, colours, paint, paper, and canvas to give a new identity and definition to fine art. Devolina believes in spreading joy and happiness. She is emulating this vision through imparting online classroom trainings to all budding artists who have the same zeal to drive their passion

I am in love with painting and fine art as a substance. Its vivid, classical form with pencils, brushes, and spray of colours over different materials. My fine art revolves around sketches and colour; each layer an event of slow germination fused to the one before it. This culminates into a substance of aesthetics and beauty. The fine art paintings evoke a sense of expressing one’s imagination over the material bringing a sense of completeness. These manifestations of the visualizations in the painting form should be admired for its beauty and elegance. .

The paintings make you gravitate to the ethereal beauty of vividness one can explore through their imagination

The process starts with self realization of the things and nature that you see around. These visuals when imagined in their supreme, colourful form results in a particular form and shape which resonates with your inner happiness. You spread this happiness and its vibrations to the viewers who simply fall in love and admire the magnificence of life. These fine art paintings should be judged only for their meaningfulness they bring into our lives.

These paintings give you a glimpse into the wonders of life. You start realizing the aspects which enhances the beauty that eventually you discover within. The paintings speak volumes about their inner meaning and helps you to seek sanity in your creativity.

Sandra Watson,