The magic of colours in life

The colors are the main ingredient to enhance the emotions of any living being.
Let’s have a look ☺


Amazing Fact: Pink is a palliative color. It suppresses anger and anxiety due to its soothing effect.


How to Make Human Lips in 4 easy steps:

Lips are the very important part on human face as it expresses our emotions. Lips come in all kinds of shapes, but contrary to all beliefs, your lip type isn’t related to your personality but to the beauty and elegance. Genetics mainly determine your lip type, your facial structure, and other facial features. Your every emotion like smile, frown, and other lip movements help communicate yourself to others.

Initially, drawing lips seems very difficult as you have to be precise. Your drawing becomes a mirror of the person your portrait is meant for. 

Follow these basic steps to get the precise drawing that you can have for “LIPS”

  1. Make perpendicular lines
  2. Make small “V” shape in the upper part of horizontal line.
  3. In the lower part of horizontal line draw a small curve.
  4. Now join the lines.

So, keep practicing and be a master!!

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