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Learn to draw a human face in 8 easy steps

Drawing a human portrait or rather sketching out such a portrait has always been an interesting area. Since early times artists have tried to capture the essence of human faces. Some have been successful while some have reached quite a distance. No body is a laggard though. This seems very entertaining and full of fun. Right!
Yes sure, but if you know the intricacies to draw a human face then it becomes more so. There is always a technique behind everything. Here I am going to help you draw this in 8 simple and easy steps.


Step 1:
Start with a circle and draw a vertical line for the chin. Next draw a horizontal line dividing the circle into two halves. The lines should be perpendicular to each other. Finish the curved chin


Step 2:
Draw the guidelines on the face


Step 3:
Draw the eyes proportionally in the right spot. Use 8B pencil


Step 4:
Add eyebrows using 6B or 8B pencil


Step 5:
Draw proportionate nose


Step 6:
The lip is to be drawn by making 3 small circles in triangular way


Step 7:
Add ears. The length of the ears should be from eyes to nose


Add hair

See this is how simple it looks. But for everything there is a word called ‘practice’. The more you do it the closer you get to being perfect. So, what are you waiting for? Start now and see it happening.

Loved it? Wait for my next blog for something more interesting.
Happy Reading!!!!